Google patents search
US Patent Office
FreePatentsOnline: this site provides extensive data and features, including free PDF downloading, and the ability to store, annotate, and share patents
The Institute of Physics
OPTICS.ORG: The Photonics Resource Center
OSA OpticsNet: Optical Society of America
SPIE: SPIE is an international society advancing an interdisciplinary approach to the science and application of light.
Photonics.com: Comprehensive source of photonics information.
Society for Information Display
Optimax Systems: Manufacturer of custom optical components.
Opto-Alignment Technology: Specializes in creating advanced technology for the assembly, cleaning and handling of precision optics.
California Solar Power: Sacto is a leading facilitator of economic business development and is pleased to announce the decision of Solar Power, Inc. (SPI) to establish a new manufacturing facility in Sacramento Region. This decision is a clear indication of the strength of the California marketplace.



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TechExpo (high-tech info)

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